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Government Transparency

Our local government is elected by the people and the people should have insight into its process. Effective involvement of citizenry will lead to successful community leadership.

Where We Live

Our roads and other community resources are in constant need of attention. Leadership in various departments manage these assets and require a Board that not only enables their success but holds the teams accountable. Rural design of our County is an overwhelming desired feature that we all enjoy. The Board has an obligation to maintain a strong commitment to our unique “rural character”. Parks and Recreation are essential to our Families and Communities!

Business and Employment

Starting and maintaining a business is not just a job but a lifestyle. Support is needed to increase opportunity to provide economical viable for our working citizens and growing tax base proportionate to community needs. The County should encourage technical education and opportunity and work collaboratively with our educational organizations.

Housing and Land

Probably the most discussed topic within our community and families is housing. Meeting housing needs can only exist through allowing appropriate degree of growth in compliance with community needs. Efforts to provide low to moderate income housing can and should be achieved through collobrative efforts of housing design. Proper support for our agriculture and forest lands are the backbone of El Dorado County. The County has the ability to be a highly efficient, self sufficient community. Water resources must be available for residential and agricultural needs without encumbrance by overreaching state policy makers.

Public Service

Our communities appreciate our law enforcement and fire personnel. Attention to funding for training and equipment will enable these organizations to keep our families safe and secure in our freedoms. We also must provide strong leadership and education to attract the best workers for all government roles.